ICSNN 2016

Invited Speakers (Confirmed, with Preliminary Title)

Keynote Speakers

  1. Klaus von Klitzing, 1985 Nobel Prize in Physics (MPI-FKF, Germany): "News from quantum Hall physics"
  2. Atac Imamoglu (ETH Zürich, Switzerland): "Optically active quantum dots in monolayer WSe2"
  3. Steven G. Louie  (UC Berkeley, USA): "Interaction Effects in Atomically Thin Quasi 2D Materials"

Invited Speakers

  1. Johannes Güttinger (RWTH Aachen Univ., Germany): "Graphene and carbon nanotube oscillators"
  2. Mark Greenaway (Univ. Nottingham, UK): "Revealing the chirality and Klein tunnelling of electrons in twisted graphene tunnel transistors using Landau level spectroscopy"
  3. Christian Glattli (CEA, France): "Quantum tomography of single charge pulses"
  4. Mark Sherwin (UCSB, USA): "High-order sideband generation and electron-hole recollisions in semiconductors"
  5. Yu Luo (NTU, Singapore): "A multiscale model for realistic nanophotonic devices in the quantum regime"
  6. Christopher Bäuerle (CNRS-Néel Institut, Grenoble, France): "For quantum coherence/quantum information"
  7. Ryo Maezono (JAIST, Nomi Ishikawa, Japan): "Anomalous non-additive dispersion interactions between metallic nano-wires investigated by diffusion Monte Carlo methods"
  8. Jinfeng Jia (SJTU, Shanghai): "Majorana mode in the vortex of Bi2Te3/NbSe2 topological insulator-superconductor heterostructure"
  9. Junyi Zhu (CUHK, Hong Kong SAR): "Toward understanding of the polar surfaces of Zinc Blende and Wurtzite semiconductors"
  10. Chuanhong Jin (ZJU, Hangzhou): "Exploring the atomic defects, associated dynamics and electronic structures of atomically-thin MoS2 materials by ADF-STEM and EELS"
  11. Shiyu Du (CAS, Ningbo): "The potential of two dimensional early transition metal carbide/nitride (MXene) as the material for nanoelectronic devices"
  12. Wang Yao (HKU, Hong Kong): "Spin-valley physics in 2D semiconductors: from monolayers to heterobilayers"
  13. Leo Bonato and Dieter Bimberg (TU Berlin, Germany): "Quantum dot based flash memories: The holy grail, unifying DRAM and Flash?"
  14. Xiangrong Wang (HKUST, Hong Kong): "Metallic phase at weak fields in two-dimensional electron gases with spin-orbit interactions"
  15. Thomas Frauenheim (Univ. Bremen, Germany): "Recent DFTB extension for improving accuracy and boosting the efficiency for computational applications to nanomaterials"
  16. Pilkyung Moon (New York Univ., Shanghai & New York): "Moiré Superlattices"
  17. Aleksandra B. Djurišić (HKU, Hong Kong SAR):  "Carbon-based composite materials for battery applications"
  18. Tobias Krähenmann (ETH Zürich, Switzerland): "Ballistic energy-resolved transfer of electrons between quantum dots"
  19. Xavier Marie (UT - CNRS, Toulouse): "Exciton and Valley Dynamics in MoS2, MoSe2 and WSe2 monolayers"
  20. Gloria Platero (ICMM (CSIC), Madrid): "Long Range Transport and Dark States in Driven Quantum Dot Arrays"
  21. Hongyan Wang (SWJU, Chengdu): "Plasmonics Properties of Alcore/Al2O3shell Nanorice Dimers"
  22. Kai Chang (IS-CAS, Beijing): "Interface polarization driven quantum phase transitions in conventional semiconductor quantum wells"
  23. Dao Hua Zhang (NTU, Singapore): "Antimony-based III-V materials for infrared photodetection"
  24. Enric Bertran (BU, Spain): "Morphology of graphene bidimensional crystals grown by chemical vapor deposition and related technologies"
  25. Pedro Pereyra (UAM-Azcapotzalco, Mexico): "Improved Optical Transitions Theory for Superlattices and Periodic Systems; New Selection Rules"
  26. Wei Pan (Sandia National Labs): "Bloch Oscillations in Two-Dimensional Superlattices"
  27. Jean-Pierre Leburton (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US): "Spin polarization degeneracy and conductance anomalies in quantum constrictions"
  28. Aimin Song (University of Manchester, Manchester, UK): "Graphene Based Ballistic Rectifiers"
  29. Jian-Bin Xu (CUHK, Hong Kong SAR): "Graphene-Like Materials and the Related Optoelectronic Devices"

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